Learn More About Our Golf Clinic

Q: What makes the golf clinic at the Harvey Penick Golf Academy better than others?

Harvey Penick was possibly the first golf instructor to try to really get inside his student’s head. He wanted to learn about you before he taught you. We try very hard to tailor our instruction to suit each student’s wants and needs.  Harvey said that his job was to increase his student’s enjoyment of the game. That can be different for every golfer but it is our job to help you have more fun in the future, no matter what level of golfer you currently are.
Q: What method of teaching is used at the Academy?

We don’t have a method. Harvey’s teaching is based in solid fundamentals and simple practice techniques. Every student has different needs depending on their size, strength, coordination, past experience, available practice time and other factors. We will devise a plan to suit your own, personal needs.
Q: What results can I expect after I leave?

Most of your improvement, just like any health or weight-loss plan, is dependent on you and how dedicated you are to your goals. At the Harvey Penick Golf Academy, we will do everything we can to give you the tools you need to improve. Once you have a clear understanding of your fundamentals and how to practice them, improvement should come very easily.
Q: How long are your academies and why 3-days?

Each day averages about 6 hours. This gives you plenty of time to go in depth with each area of the game without becoming too fatigued. We have found that 3 days is the best length of time to cover both the short and long game, review all need areas and give on-course instruction without being rushed.
Q: I'm a low handicap golfer but the person I am coming with is a beginner.

With a 3-to-1 student-teacher ratio, all of our academies are designed to fit to the individual students needs. No two students work on the same thing, no matter what their previous experiences have been.
Q: Does anyone ever come back?

A high percentage of our students repeat our golf academy every few years. Many come back to academies annually or return for follow up lesson. Golf is a game of constant improvement and we all need some guidance now and then, especially from someone with a great deal of experience who knows your golf swing.
Q: I'm a senior golfer. Will I get too tired?

A large percentage of our students are “seasoned” golfers. Banging golf balls on the range is not the key to success. We try very hard to get the academy running at a very smooth pace to accommodate all fitness and age levels. Breaks are planned and greatly encouraged.
Q: What do you do if it rains?

Very few days are rained out but if time is missed, it will be credited back to you or you can use that time in a future academy. Most of the time, we can dodge the rain because it rarely lasts very long in this part of Texas.We have tried but we have no control over the weather.
Q: What time does your school end?

On the first and second days of the school end between 3:30 and 4:00 pm; on the third day: 2:00 pm.  After the first two days of school, the student has the option to play one of the golf courses; a great opportunity to try out what you have learned. Availability will depend on what other events are taking place at the golf course(s). 
Q: Who else teaches the golf clinic in the academy?

We usually bring in one of the other, past Harvey Penick Academy instructors to assist Jim in the schools.  All our instructors are very experienced and trained by Jim to teach “Harvey’s way”, as best we can.